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This one isn't as happy as the last one I made... At all.
It's pretty much a claymation war. Go check it out.
The Music is by Senses Fail, hope ya like it!
It's called: "Everybody Dead." (Yup, how cheerful).

My New Claymation!

2009-05-22 17:44:43 by little-timmy

I just submitted a new claymation called 30SecondsOFun!
It's just 30 seconds of claymation fun! :P
No plotline (sorry to all you non-random fun people), just claymation!
Go check it ooouuut!
Rate & Comment please.

Hope ya like it!


& I posted it on YouTube.
It doesn't have very many views yet since I'm not "Big" on YouTube.
So if you could watch it, & tell some of your friends about it, that would be awesome.
I have only one subcriber right now, (GiftedButTwisted's YouTube channel), which is kewl because they're a good band & I used some of their music in me & my friend's video: .
It's funny, (& kinda creepy at first), but I think some of you Newgrounders will enjoy it.LoveBot XaHk&feature=channel_page
By me (ShortBuns.

Time For Yet Another Blog!

2009-04-25 22:22:24 by little-timmy

I haven't been real active lately, so I just decided to get on the computer & update my Newgrounds page & other crap. :D

Anyway, I was browsin' around YouTube, & if you haven't seen ShimmyCocoPuffsss or ShaneDawson on YouTube, then you should definitley go check them out, they're hilarious.

Also, I've been playing more video games than I usually do lately, (Mainly Conker: Live & Reloaded on my Xbox), so, if you have any suggestions on some kewl video games for the Xbox or Xbox 360, then leave me comment telling me which game.

I'm thinking about adding some videos to YouTube, if I do, then I'll update this blog telling you about it. Also, if I do make a video & show it to you guys, don't judge me by my height, I'm 13 but I'm the smallest kid in my grade. :D

If you want me to check out your Newgrounds blog, YouTube page, or anything else just tell me because I will check it out & I might comment.

Time For A New Blog!

2009-03-10 18:20:27 by little-timmy

Okay, I'm bored so I decided to create a new Blog.

So, here are a list of websites that I've gone to and liked over the past few months:


(Made by Dan0v, we're still recruiting & need some members).


(Made by AntiAliasProductionz).

-Flash Armory
(Made by SkylineGodzilla, and probably some other people that I don't really know very well).

-Fluff Komix

(Made by FluffKomix).

-Clay Crowd Forums

(Made by Mattuiop).

& here's some websites that I've created this year:

-ClayToLife Forums

-ClayToLife MAG

Here's a list of some kewl people that I've met on the internet:

~Corky52 <<< He's the co-creator of the MCC, (I think), & he's also the creator of the Movie Makers Club, so if you make movies or post them on youtube, metacafe, etc. then join the club. & check out his videos at: FroNickProductions

~SoundWave23 <<< He joined my website & he turned out to be a really kewl person so I made him an Admin on my website & since then he's helped me & my website out alot.

~Uber-Kong <<< he's one of my best friends & he occasionally helps me out with some of my claymations. In fact, he came up with a good idea for a claymation, I liked it, we built up onto it & created a decent claymation together called "Music Battle Claymation". :D

~Mattuiop <<< He's the creator of the Clay Crowd & he even created a website for it too! So if you're a clay animator, go join it!

~ChainsawMurderer53 <<< He's a fellow MCC member & he wanted to be on teh list, so now he's on it cause he's kewl!

~Ughanation <<< He mentioned me in his newest collab, (which is called the Pyro Collab), because I made a claymation for it, so go check out the Pyro Collab!

~ATOMICCLOUD <<< He's another clay animator, & he's awesome, plus he joined my website & he's also on the Clay Crowd list!

~EvilChickenNugget <<< He's a fellow clay animator as well & he joined Mattuiop's Clay Crowd Forums! You should check his claymations out! :P

~SkyLineGodzilla <<< One of the creator's of the Flash Armory.

~DBM (previously Dead-Body-Man <<< I'm on his Cool Kid List & now he's on mine. & he's a fellow member of the MCC, & he's about to be a father. HE IS SHOOOO KEWL!! :P

~BloodMan101 <<< Fellow member of the MCC, & he's AWESOME. :O

~SupraAddict <<< Creator of the MCC

~Ship <<< He's just kewl.

~Matt2k8 <<< He's a fellow member of the MCC.

~Joza1 <<< One of the first people's in the MCC, (to my knowlage), she didn't post for a pretty long time, but he's back, & she wanted to be added since she's a fellow MCC member. :3

Those are some kewl people right above us! :P
If ya wanna be on it, then... Do something awesome. :P :P :P :P :P

Also, check out my websites & all the other ones too! :D

Add Me to Your Favorites...

2009-02-25 17:21:59 by little-timmy

Will anyone do it... :P

My Website & My MAG!

2009-02-23 17:52:41 by little-timmy

Hey eveyone, I'm making this blog to tell you about my new websites! My first website is located at:
This website allows you to post on forums, have your own userpage, & even play on an arcade!

The second website is at:

It's an online MAG for, post on the forums here
Read the MAG HERE
If you have any ideas for the website, email me at

Look at What I Found

2009-02-20 22:00:29 by little-timmy

Here's something I found while searching through some of the blogs, this is a comment & a response that I found on my friend "Uber-kong's" userpage:

The People Have Spoken 1 Comment

Feb. 20, 2009 | 8:58 AM lawlmaster says:
How about you get off newgrounds until you are old enough to have a decent conversation with people?

Feb. 20, 2009 | 9:54 PM uber-kong responds:
How about you stop licking the screen of your computer while your watching guy-on-guy videos on YouTube.

I didn't know he had it in him to fight back on the internet. :P

New Claymation!

2009-02-16 01:55:50 by little-timmy

I made a new claymation for Ughanation's "Pyro Collab!"
Unfortunately, the file size was too big, so I took his advice & decided to submit it on my own. & here's a link of what I uploaded on SpamTheWeb right HERE

ClaytoLife Blogger

2009-02-13 20:34:46 by little-timmy

Hey everyone, some of you might know, (from my previous post), that I have a website.
Well, now, I got a blogger account for the claytolife website. So anyone from the staff list of my website can just tell me what they want me to post for them, ( if they want to).
So, check out my website & my blogger account.
Here's a link to my website: ClaytoLife
& here's a link to my Blogspot: ClaytoLife BlogSpot