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This one isn't as happy as the last one I made... At all.
It's pretty much a claymation war. Go check it out.
The Music is by Senses Fail, hope ya like it!
It's called: "Everybody Dead." (Yup, how cheerful).

My New Claymation!

2009-05-22 17:44:43 by little-timmy

I just submitted a new claymation called 30SecondsOFun!
It's just 30 seconds of claymation fun! :P
No plotline (sorry to all you non-random fun people), just claymation!
Go check it ooouuut!
Rate & Comment please.

Hope ya like it!


Time For A New Blog!

2009-03-10 18:20:27 by little-timmy

Okay, I'm bored so I decided to create a new Blog.

So, here are a list of websites that I've gone to and liked over the past few months:


(Made by Dan0v, we're still recruiting & need some members).


(Made by AntiAliasProductionz).

-Flash Armory
(Made by SkylineGodzilla, and probably some other people that I don't really know very well).

-Fluff Komix

(Made by FluffKomix).

-Clay Crowd Forums

(Made by Mattuiop).

& here's some websites that I've created this year:

-ClayToLife Forums

-ClayToLife MAG

Here's a list of some kewl people that I've met on the internet:

~Corky52 <<< He's the co-creator of the MCC, (I think), & he's also the creator of the Movie Makers Club, so if you make movies or post them on youtube, metacafe, etc. then join the club. & check out his videos at: FroNickProductions

~SoundWave23 <<< He joined my website & he turned out to be a really kewl person so I made him an Admin on my website & since then he's helped me & my website out alot.

~Uber-Kong <<< he's one of my best friends & he occasionally helps me out with some of my claymations. In fact, he came up with a good idea for a claymation, I liked it, we built up onto it & created a decent claymation together called "Music Battle Claymation". :D

~Mattuiop <<< He's the creator of the Clay Crowd & he even created a website for it too! So if you're a clay animator, go join it!

~ChainsawMurderer53 <<< He's a fellow MCC member & he wanted to be on teh list, so now he's on it cause he's kewl!

~Ughanation <<< He mentioned me in his newest collab, (which is called the Pyro Collab), because I made a claymation for it, so go check out the Pyro Collab!

~ATOMICCLOUD <<< He's another clay animator, & he's awesome, plus he joined my website & he's also on the Clay Crowd list!

~EvilChickenNugget <<< He's a fellow clay animator as well & he joined Mattuiop's Clay Crowd Forums! You should check his claymations out! :P

~SkyLineGodzilla <<< One of the creator's of the Flash Armory.

~DBM (previously Dead-Body-Man <<< I'm on his Cool Kid List & now he's on mine. & he's a fellow member of the MCC, & he's about to be a father. HE IS SHOOOO KEWL!! :P

~BloodMan101 <<< Fellow member of the MCC, & he's AWESOME. :O

~SupraAddict <<< Creator of the MCC

~Ship <<< He's just kewl.

~Matt2k8 <<< He's a fellow member of the MCC.

~Joza1 <<< One of the first people's in the MCC, (to my knowlage), she didn't post for a pretty long time, but he's back, & she wanted to be added since she's a fellow MCC member. :3

Those are some kewl people right above us! :P
If ya wanna be on it, then... Do something awesome. :P :P :P :P :P

Also, check out my websites & all the other ones too! :D

Add Me to Your Favorites...

2009-02-25 17:21:59 by little-timmy

Will anyone do it... :P

My Website & My MAG!

2009-02-23 17:52:41 by little-timmy

Hey eveyone, I'm making this blog to tell you about my new websites! My first website is located at:
This website allows you to post on forums, have your own userpage, & even play on an arcade!

The second website is at:

It's an online MAG for, post on the forums here
Read the MAG HERE
If you have any ideas for the website, email me at

New Claymation!

2009-02-16 01:55:50 by little-timmy

I made a new claymation for Ughanation's "Pyro Collab!"
Unfortunately, the file size was too big, so I took his advice & decided to submit it on my own. & here's a link of what I uploaded on SpamTheWeb right HERE

ClaytoLife Blogger

2009-02-13 20:34:46 by little-timmy

Hey everyone, some of you might know, (from my previous post), that I have a website.
Well, now, I got a blogger account for the claytolife website. So anyone from the staff list of my website can just tell me what they want me to post for them, ( if they want to).
So, check out my website & my blogger account.
Here's a link to my website: ClaytoLife
& here's a link to my Blogspot: ClaytoLife BlogSpot


2009-01-29 20:24:05 by little-timmy

I made a forum website at: .php
So go check it out, post on some forums, and become a member! :)

New Picture!

2009-01-16 21:24:04 by little-timmy

I got a new picture, I molded it out of some clay, and it's a viking clayman, (btw, I added the viking clayman to the link), so I uploaded it! Leave comments right here
Hope ya like it! :)
UPDATE: I added a new clayman to the link I above, there are now 2 claymen, a pink shint clayman, and a viking clayman!

New Animation!

2009-01-11 20:05:32 by little-timmy

I just submitted a new animation & my first non-claymation animation, it's a music video of:
[U P S T A I R S] by Kingbastard. Hope you all enjoy it!